CS Student at the University of Cincinnati

President at ACM@UC. Exec at RevolutionUC. Passionate about building things that people love to use and exploring new technologies. Proud to be a part of the hacker culture and community.

iOS. Swift. Python. Node.js. JavaScript. Mobile and web development.

Lightning Talk: Getting Started on Netlify

Recently I spoke about Netlify in a lightning talk at ACM@UC. Netlify is a PaaS (platform as a service) that makes life easier for developers to create and maintain modern web applications. It’s perfect for serverless back-ends (backed by AWS Lambda) and static front-ends with dynamic functionality (authentication, forms, etc.).

Netlify dev is a great command line tool and development environment. It simplifies your local development workflow and aids in deploying to the Netlify platform.

Note: I’m not sponsored by Netlify, I just like their platform!

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